• Edmonton Masonry, Stucco and Tile Services
    • Tiling & Stucco

      Rough-hewed granite or perfectly smooth marble we can handle all of your tiling and stucco needs.

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    • New Masonry

      So many different possible applications; why not rely on the most time tested and true medium on the planet?

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    • Concrete Restoration

      Concrete is one of the most reliable materials on the planet but it still needs eventual maintenance to keep it strong and well-formed.

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    About Gionika

    Gionika Ltd is here to beautify your home or commercial business with the world' most enduring materials. Masonry has a timeless and natural beauty which can accent and enhance any design or style. Rough-hewed granite or perfectly smooth marble, we will work with you to organize and design the ideal complement to your Edmonton space.

    With our qualified team of specialized masons you will get quality work at a reasonable price, every time. Our decades of experience in the industry have given us connections in every facet of the stonework community. We receive the best deals on material which we pass on to you the customer. You pay what we pay for the materials and we get them at a lower price than any wholesale materials store. The only profit we make is on our excellent service, so you can count on Gionika Ltd for quality work at unbeatable prices.

    What We Do

    Masonry is the profession of working with stone, mortar or concrete in construction. Masonry, or stone craft, is one of the oldest forms of construction and has created the oldest structures on the planet.

    Gionika Ltd performs any masonry work you can imagine. There are many different types of masons: some work with marble, some with granite, others work only with exterior construction, and still others have expertise in brick work. Our large team of specialists have the knowledge and experience to perform all these types of masonry and more. When it comes to stonework think Gionika Ltd.